Preparing for dental implant surgery requires specific steps. These steps each have a different requirement and all of them must be completed in a timely manner for you to reap the rewards. Here is a closer look at how you will need to prepare for your dental implants.

Dental Exam

One of the things you will need to get is a full dental examination. A dental examination is done to see if you are a good fit for a dental implant. It will also help your dentist to come up with a personalized treatment plan for you. You should prepare for x-rays and a close look at your medical records. The more your dentist knows about you, the better your treatment plan will be.

Begin Antibiotics

In some cases, your dentist will give you antibiotics as part of the treatment process. This will help prepare your immune system for the implant and reduce the risk of your body rejecting the implant, especially if you have chronic illnesses for which you may be taking medication.

Preparing for the Procedure

You are likely to be given general anesthesia when you are preparing for dental implant surgery. This means that you will have to fast for a few hours before the procedure. You can ask your dentist exactly how much you will need to fast ahead of the surgery.

You will also need someone to take you home after the procedure so you should arrange for this ahead of time. Another thing you should do is try to stay as comfortable as possible. Loose-fitting clothing such as T-shirts and slacks are ideal for this situation.

During the procedure, your dentist may need to do structural work on your jaw if it is found that your jaw cannot anchor the tooth properly. Sometimes the opposite happens and your dentist will need to remove bone from the jaw.

This is usually done if the jaw has too much bulk and will interfere with the implant. You will then be sent home to allow your jaw to heal, once healing has happened you can return for the dental implant procedure. 

Get Ready

Preparing for your dental implant procedure is a necessity, so you will want to make sure that you ask your dentist any questions that you have on your mind. There is likely to be soreness and swelling so you need to discuss this with your dentist. By doing this you will be able to prepare in every way for the procedure.