If you need to replace just one or two missing or damaged teeth, dental crown implants can provide the perfect solution. This is because the combined use of dental implants and crowns can provide you with a replacement tooth that is just as strong and durable as your natural teeth. Furthermore, you will find that these replacement teeth look and feel just like your real teeth. To replace a missing or damaged tooth using dental crown implants, you will need to go through a five-step process. You can learn more about each of these five steps below.

Step #1: Take Molds To Use When Making Dental Crown

To ensure that your dental crown is a perfect fit, your dentist will need to take molds of your teeth and gums. This step is very important even if the tooth you are replacing is missing. By taking molds of the surrounding teeth, the dental lab will be able to create a crown that fits the open space and is similar in shape and size to your natural teeth. 

Step #2: Extract Tooth If Necessary

If the tooth you are planning to replace is still present, you will need to have this tooth extracted before you can move forward with getting your implant. Depending upon the location of your tooth, you may want to ask your dentist about the possibility of using a dental bridge to temporarily replace the tooth until you have completed this entire process. 

Step #3: Have Implant Surgically Placed

At this point, you will be ready to undergo oral surgery. This surgical step is typically performed by an oral surgeon on an outpatient basis. However, you will require general anesthesia for this step, so you will need to have someone available to drive you home after the surgery. During surgery, your surgeon will place your implant into the jaw and attach a small metal post to the implant that will act as the tooth root for your dental crown. 

Step #4: Allow Jaw To Heal

Your jaw will require time to heal around your new implant so that it can provide the strength and support needed for your new tooth to function properly. There is no exact amount of time that this step will take since each person heals at their own rate. Your dentist will do x-rays to check on how well your jaw is healing and to determine when you can move on to the final step. 

Step #5: Attach Crown To Implant

Once your jaw is sufficiently healed, your dentist will be ready to attach your crown. This is done during a regular visit with your dentist and should only take a few minutes. To ensure that your crown can stand up to the test of time, it is important to follow all of your dentist's aftercare instructions. This includes waiting a few hours before eating or drinking to ensure the cement used to attach your crown has fully dried.  

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