Dentists can now solve most of your dental issues thanks to technological breakthroughs. Dental crowns can transform your damaged teeth into a better appearance and function. The oral crowns are designed just for you to ensure a flawless fit and smile. They are also durable and frequently composed of porcelain or metallic material. Here are several indicators that a crown may be necessary.

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth may result from falling or sometimes naturally due to weakness. Like many other dental problems, broken teeth may cause discomfort and cause worse issues like decay. For this reason, you may need a dental crown to help cover any sight of dental imperfection. The crown will strengthen and keep the broken tooth together.

You have Cavities

Severe cavities cause considerable damage to your teeth. A tooth that has a big cavity may need a large portion of filling. While filling might be a good solution to prevent pain, it does not offer full protection for the tooth. Furthermore, the filling might sometimes lead to cracking. Dental crowns are the best option for deep cavities. The crown will cover the tooth, preventing further damage and giving you a better dental appearance.

Stained Teeth

Using whitening products to remove dental stains takes time, discipline, and a lot of effort. Hard as you may try, sometimes the stains may not fully fade away. For this reason and others, dental crowns may work for you if you have stains. The best thing about crowns is that you get to choose a shade that perfectly fits you. 

Root Canals

Root canals often involve drilling a decayed tooth to remove decay and salvage the natural teeth. Drilling entails the use of machines that eventually weaken the dental structure. Root canals may be necessary if tooth damage is irreversible. On the other hand, crowns give you a calmer damage-free solution to decayed teeth. Crowns also work well if you have already had a root canal.

Sensitive Tooth

Sensitive teeth are very discomforting as they hinder you from enjoying your favorite hot or cold drinks. Crowns are a great solution to sensitive teeth because they protect them from the sharp pain caused by consuming food and beverages. With a crown over your sensitive tooth, you can chew and enjoy eating as usual.

Dental crowns are a convenient way of reconstructing damaged teeth and restoring your comfort. You can consult your dentist to determine if crowns suit your dental needs.