When it comes to your smile and oral health, you want to make sure that you have the best possible treatment available. This means that you should have regular dental checkups with your dentist. If you need some treatments, you should also get them done in good time and by a licensed dentist. You may need treatment if your teeth are decayed or have infections. Depending on the problem, your dentist can recommend different types of treatment. For instance, if you have a small hole in your teeth, they can recommend a filling treatment. This guide analyzes in detail three common dental treatments you might need.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is done when there is no other option left but to remove the tooth from its socket due to decay or injury. It may also happen if there is an infection around the tooth or if it cannot be saved due to other reasons. In such situations, it is recommended that you consult with your dentist immediately so they can advise accordingly and remove the tooth as soon as possible.

Dental Crown Treatment

If you have a cracked or broken tooth or one with extensive decay that cannot be repaired through traditional methods, your dentist may recommend placing a crown over the top of it instead. A crown is an artificial cap made from porcelain or metal that fits over the entire surface area of your teeth and acts as a barrier between your mouth and the unhealthy part of your tooth underneath it. This allows you to leave all healthy areas intact while protecting the damaged tooth.


The treatment involves the removal of decayed tooth material and the placement of a filling material in its place. This can help prevent further decay and restores the tooth's shape and function. The filling material can be made from different materials, including porcelain and composite resin. The type of material used depends on the size and location of the cavity, as well as your personal preference. If you have any fillings that are more than a decade old, it's likely time for them to be replaced because they may not match the color of your new tooth enamel anymore.

The above dental treatments can help you get the healthy smile you've always wanted. Depending on your oral condition, your dentist can recommend either of the above treatments or others. If you have any dental problem, you should book an appointment with a credible dentist so they can recommend a suitable dental treatment. Contact a credible dentist today to book your appointment.