You may lose your teeth due to impact after an accident or severe tooth infection such as periodontal diseases, leaving gaps. Fortunately, teeth implants can replace the missing teeth and restore your smile. A tooth implant is a titanium post that a dentist puts in the jawbone to fill a gap. These implants act as artificial tooth roots that anchor a dental crown. Nonetheless, there are many rumors regarding dental implants that can be misleading. Here are the must-know implant facts and myths if you're considering dental implant surgery.

Anybody Can Get Teeth Implants

Most people believe that they can get dental implants as long as they have a missing tooth. However, this isn't always the case. Dentists have to perform a thorough examination of your dental health before they can install a dental implant. If you have a dental disease like gingivitis, your dentist may recommend disease treatment before installing the implants. 

The disease may spread to the treated area, increasing complication risks. Generally, a good candidate for getting tooth implants should have good dental health, an adequate gap between the teeth, and enough jaw bone to anchor the implants.

Dental Implants Feel and Look Artificial

Dental implants consist of artificial teeth like crowns that sit on the posts in the jawbone. In this regard, some people assume that the implants look unreal. Nonetheless, dental implants look and feel natural. For instance, dental crowns have the shape and color of natural teeth, and you can chew and talk normally. 

Additionally, teeth implants preserve your jawbone, maintaining your natural facial structure. Besides, you can undertake routine tooth care procedures such as flossing and brushing without damaging the implants. But, ensure that you get proper dental implant placement by an experienced dentist to ensure the proper functionality of your implants.

Dental Implant Placement Is Painful

Dental implant placement is an invasive procedure that people perceive as painful. However, the surgery isn't as painful as you think. That's because doctors use different pain management solutions like sedation and anesthesia during the treatment. Hence, you won't feel pain during the surgery. But, pain may be inevitable as the sedative or anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will recommend pain management medication post-surgery to suppress the pain.

The common myths about dental implants are that anybody can get the implants, teeth implants feel and look artificial, and dental implant surgery is painful. Understanding these myths and facts can help you feel more confident about getting teeth implants.

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