You should have a general dentist who checks on you at least twice or thrice every year. However, besides the regular dental visits, you should pay attention to your oral health and seek treatment when necessary. Below are four reasons that your dental appointment could be particularly urgent.

1. You Have Underlying Health Conditions

If you are living with any type of cancer, diabetes, or HIV, then you need to see a general dentist more regularly. Your mouth acts as the main passage for food into your body, and it could do the same with harmful organisms if it happens to have issues. For instance, someone with compromised immunity is prone to almost any infection.

If there are wounds in their mouth, it makes them more susceptible to infection. Likewise, wounded gums and oral cavity are a huge health risk to a diabetic, since it would probably mean an extended recovery time.

2. Persistent Toothaches and Jaw Pains

For most people, toothaches are unbearable and will make anyone seek treatment immediately. However, some people tend to ignore mild pain in teeth and jawbones. What you have been dismissing as insignificant may be concealing a serious issue that could end up costing you a tooth or two in the future.

You should understand that pain in your jaw or a toothache could be a sign of a major problem. If you feel the pain, visit a dental office immediately.

3. Persistent Bleeding or Chronic Sores

Bleeding gums is among the most dismissed oral health issues. Besides being a leading symptom of gum disease, bleeding gums could be a sign of other health issues. Similarly, ulcers in your mouth expose you to health risks and infections on top of the pain you have been enduring when eating. Therefore, if you have sores or bleeding gums, it is time to visit a general dentist.

4. Issues With Old Dental Work

If you have previously had artificial solutions for dental issues such as fillings, dental braces, an artificial tooth, or an implant, then you should see a dentist when you have an issue with it. Fixing issues with your old dental work should be a priority unless you are willing to risk dealing with a permanent problem.

Most people only think about a dentist's appointment whenever they have severe toothaches or when they have been involved in accidents that cause damaged teeth. However, you shouldn't be one of them. 

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