Whatever the reason is for having a crown put in, everybody has the same choice of what type of crown they have. Not every type of crown is suitable for everybody, so it's important to talk to your dentist to make sure that the right type is put in for you. So what types of dental crowns are there? 


Ceramic dental crowns are made from a porcelain base and are normally used for front teeth. The reason for this is that they are easy to blend with the natural coloring of your own teeth so it doesn't look like a replacement. It's tough and resistant to general wear; however, if you grind your teeth or if it should become loose, it will very quickly cause neighboring teeth problems. 

Porcelain fused with metal

This gives an even stronger bond than normal ceramic dental crowns. It's a porcelain cap fused onto a metal base structure which gives it excellent durability. While stronger than just normal ceramic, porcelain does have the same pitfall. Should it become rough at all, it will cause problems to neighboring teeth.


There are two types of gold crowns. A pure gold crown or gold alloy crown is made up of a few metals mixed together including gold and copper. It gives a very strong hold to the base tooth that it is being attached to and cannot fracture like porcelain can. The downside is that pure gold is more expensive. The mixed metals bring the cost down. Fewer people want a gold front tooth even though they are strong and won't roughen up the teeth next to them. 

Base metal alloy

This is another metal mix alloy crown that you can have in place of gold. It requires the least amount of the original healthy tooth to be removed and has the same benefits of a gold crown. 

Overall, metal crowns are the strongest but look the least natural. With proper maintenance, all crowns should last a lifetime. They are all made to stand the test of time. Maintaining good oral hygiene will not only ensure your crown is in good shape but alleviate the need for further crowns and fillings. Discuss with your dentist which type of dental crown is the most suitable for the area it's going to be placed. All crowns vary in cost as well, so make sure you have the right dental crowns at the right price. 

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