If you speak to your child's pediatric dentist about how the child uses a pacifier, it's likely that you'll get a lot of advice. While the child's pediatrician may be your go-to person for pacifier tips, it's important to note that because the pacifier sits in your child's mouth, a dentist can also be of assistance. When you speak to the dentist, you may learn that a lot of new parents make mistakes with their child's pacifier that may affect his or her oral health. Here are some oversights that you may be making, and how you can correct them.

Putting Juice On The Pacifier

Many parents place a few drops of juice onto the pacifier to make it more appealing for the child to suck. This tactic can be especially enticing if your child isn't very keen about taking the pacifier. It's important to curtail your use of this shortcut, however. Young children generally shouldn't consume fruit juice, as its high concentration of sugar may leave the child at risk of cavities and tooth decay. Even if it makes your job more challenging, it's best to give your child his or her pacifier without first adding juice.

Not Replacing It

Some parents allow their child to suck and chew a single pacifier for a long time, which may simply be because they didn't think about replacing it. The fact is that it's a good idea to frequently replace your child's pacifier. One recommendation is to do so every two months. When you buy a pacifier for your child, you may wish to buy several so that you'll always have a new one ready for use. If a child uses the same pacifier for too long, it can get a high concentration of bacteria, and that can be detrimental to the child's oral health.

Not Cleaning It

A child who uses a pacifier will almost certainly drop it regularly, including when you're out in public. You might wipe the pacifier on your clothing or you may even suck it briefly to "clean" it before giving it back to your child. Doing so can be a concern because of the introduction of bacteria to your child's mouth. It's important to properly clean the pacifier regularly — ideally, before each use. Cleaning it involves boiling it to remove germs. When you're out in public, it's a good idea to carry multiple pacifiers so that you don't have to reuse a dropped one before you clean it properly.