Family dentists and general dentists often have the same training—they are primary care dental providers that can clean teeth, assess gum health, and place fillings, crowns, and bridges, and so on. But even though both professionals have the same training, there are some beneficial differences at an office that caters to families.

They Bundle Appointments Together

At a regular general dentistry office, appointment scheduling may be all over the board. If you have a large family, this means you could be shuttling your family back and forth to the dentist since they would have appointments on different days. However, since family dentists focus on the family, they often like to group appointments together on the same day. This means that you, a partner, children, and extended family could have appointments at the same time or back to back. You'll be able to take care of issues in one go and save time and gas money.

They Often Have a Pediatric Dentist on Hand

There are nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. These specialties require general dentists to go to school for longer periods of time in an emphasis, like endodontics. One specialty is pediatrics, or working with children.

Many family dentists employ pediatric dentists because they have been specially trained to handle children, teens, and those with special needs. If your child or teen has a dental phobia, a family dentist who is trained in pediatrics can use different techniques to ease their fears. For example, if a child is scared of getting a shot for a baby tooth cavity, the dentist could avoid it altogether with a prefabricated crown which will protect enamel from further decay.

They Have Emergency Hours

Family dentists realize that all sorts of accidents can happen when you've got young children and teens. For instance, many children knock out teeth or hurt their oral cavity each year from playing sports. If the tooth is a baby tooth, this may be alright, but an adult tooth can be more serious and need help if it is to reintegrate back into the jawbone. It's good to have a family dentist on hand who can treat your kids should emergency situations crop up.

They Build a Rapport with Their Clients

While other offices or dental specialties may see a wide range of clients, many family dentists will see the same people year after year. This is important since your dentist will become familiar with your dental concerns and any dental issues your child might have.

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