Veneers can be the solution to your problems if you have teeth with cosmetic damage that you want to fix. However, you cannot get veneers and go back to all of your old habits that caused the problems in the first place. You need to know how to take care of veneers so that they continue to look great over the years. These care tips will help you adjust after the veneers are installed.

Know How To Prevent Stains

The material that veneers are made from use a special porcelain composite, which are susceptible to becoming stained just like natural teeth; that's why you must take steps to avoid stains from happening. You'll need to avoid red wine, coffee, dark sodas, and smoking cigarettes.

Thankfully, some beverages can be consumed with a straw to help avoid them washing over your teeth. You should also brush your teeth after consuming beverages that are known to cause stains.

While it may seem odd that veneers can become stained, it is to help all of your teeth blend in together. If you are only having veneers installed over some of your teeth, the veneers will become discolored with the rest of your teeth at the same rate; this helps prevent the veneers from looking white, while the surrounding teeth are a different color.

Know How To Eat Right

Veneers might feel like a permanent fixture in your mouth, but they are still vulnerable to becoming damaged. They can still become dislodged from your teeth, even with the dental cement holding them in place. While veneers last for many years on their own, certain behaviors can cause them to fail prematurely.

When eating a hard food, you want to use your molars rather than front teeth that have veneers on them. You should also avoid biting ice cubes since they are also known to wear down tooth enamel. Avoid biting things out of habit, like pen caps or pencils, since veneers can't withstand the pressure from chewing on these items that are not food products.

Following these tips should set you on a great path to ensure that your veneers stay in good shape for years to come. For more tips on how to care for your new dental veneers, be sure to ask your dentist at your next visit. They can inspect the veneers and let you know if you are causing any accidental damage to them. To learn more, contact a dental treatment clinic like Reconstructive & Implant Dental - Edward M Amet DDS