If your teenager has recently gotten Invisalign braces, they were probably instructed by their dentist about how to care for them. However, you may need to reinforce some of this information until caring for the braces becomes a habit. Below are three key things your should teach your teenager about caring for their new braces.

Remove The Tray Before Eating

Although Invisalign braces give your teen more freedom to eat what they want, the tray needs to be removed before they eat. This is especially true when they are eating hard, crunchy foods or sticky, gummy foods. If the aligners are left in, these types of food could tear the tray or stretch it out of alignment.

Before meals at home, ask consistently for a few weeks if they have removed their tray. When they are away, place a note in their lunch or book bag to remind them. While you teenager may feel you are nagging, these subtle reminders can help reinforce their habit of taking out the tray before eating.

Brush And Floss Their Teeth Regularly

After they finish eating, your teen needs to get into the habit of brushing and flossing their teeth before putting the aligner tray back in. If basic oral hygiene is ignored, bacteria can start to build up inside the tray, leading to bad breath and possible gum infections.

When reinforcing this habit, remind your teenager that not taking care of their teeth regularly can give them bad breath. Since most teens are self-conscious about their appearance and image, constantly reminding them of this fact should help solidify their routine.

Wash The Aligner Tray With Liquid Antibacterial Soap Every Night

While brushing their teeth before going to bed, your teenager should wash the aligner tray with liquid antibacterial soap. Doing so kills any remaining germs that may have built up during the day.

Be with your child every night for the first few weeks to show them how to do this. All that needs to be done is to put a small amount of soap in the palm of the hand, then gently rub the tray. Once it has been washed thoroughly with warm water, have your teen replace it in their mouth

Teaching your teen the above self-care tips can help them keep their teeth and aligners clean. If you have any further questions, you may want to speak to the dentist who placed the Invisalign braces for your teen for more information.