There are many advantages to getting dental implants. This includes not having to clean them in a special way, not worrying about them slipping, and eating the foods you want. This is because dental implants work just like your natural teeth, with a post that is bonded with your jawbone. If you are suffering from osteoporosis, you may be wondering if you can still get dental implants, even though you have a type of bone disease. It's still possible to get them, though you'll need to be aware about the considerations and associated risks.

The Disease

When you have osteoporosis, it means that you have a problem where your bones are losing density. This can happen to people as they get older, because the bone's healing ability changes. Your body will not be able to replace bone like it once did, and the problem can be worse for those with a poor diet, genetics, or make poor lifestyle choices.

The Risks

Getting dental implants with osteoporosis means that there will be certain risks. One is that the jaw might not be the appropriate density to provide support for dental implants. With x-rays, a dentist can tell you how dense your jaw bone is. It may still be possible to have the procedure done by using implants that are different shapes and sizes, which will help ensure it has the bone support it needs for the implant to work.

In addition, if you are undergoing treatments for osteoporosis, know that it will change the way that bones in your body heal. This may cause an implant to fail due to the way it needs to bond with your jaw.

The Qualification Process

If you want to move forward with getting dental implants while having osteoporosis, it starts with having a dentist look at your medical history, which includes possible treatments that can interfere with the implants. Consent will then be requested from your physician to ensure they are okay with you having the procedure done. If so, then your dental implant procedure will be scheduled.

While you can get dental implants if you have osteoporosis, know that it may not be possible depending on your specific condition. If you have concerns, schedule a consultation with a dentist. There is no harm in having an examination done to see if you would be a good candidate for the procedure, since it is the only way you can know if it's possible to get dental implants. For more information, visit websites like