A tooth extraction can take place for a number of reasons including extreme decay, a dental infection, and other damage. Impacted wisdom teeth are one of the most common forms of extractions that are performed. After a tooth extraction, your dentist may outfit the area with a dental flipper. The flipper is designed to protect the area and make it much easier for you to consume food until the area is able to heal on its own. It is important to care for the dental flipper as you would your normal tooth. Poor care can result in a dirty dental flipper and potential bacterial infection. Luckily, there are a few natural soaks that you can use to ensure that your dental flipper remains clean.

Burdock Root Soak

Burdock root is often used in dry form to create a herbal tea that can be used to cleanse the body. The herb is full of antibacterial properties that can be used to help remove contaminants from your dental flipper before use. To use burdock root, add a few teaspoons of the herb to a small pot along with a half cup of water. Allow the mixture to simmer on low heat for several minutes until it is hot. Remove the mixture and strain the herb. Soak your dental flipper in the burdock soak when it is not in use. This is the perfect antibacterial cleanser to use overnight.

Peppermint Soak

Peppermint is one of the more common antibacterial herbs. The herb is included in anything from desserts to herbal teas because of its sharp taste and antibacterial properties. A peppermint soak can be made by steeping a handful of whole peppermint leaves in a standard sized pot. Allow the pot to come to a boil before picking out the leaves. Wait for the mixture to cool, then dip your flipper in the peppermint soak. The longer that you allow your dental device to soak the better the result will be. If you want to reinsert your flipper into your mouth, simply remove the flipper from the soak and rinse with warm water.

It can be easy for your dental flipper to attract bacteria. An antibacterial soak can easily help to keep your dental flipper clean and as free from bacteria as possible. Use the herbal dental soaks to make sure that it remains clean while you wear it. 

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