An abscessed wisdom tooth can be a scary situation because infection it causes can spread and cause not only further dental health damage but also serious side effects. Taking care of a wisdom tooth after surgery requires managing potential abscesses, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with stannous fluoride.

How Stannous Fluoride Helps

Stannous fluoride is a substance similar to normal fluoride in that it can help clean teeth and improve oral health. However, it is more helpful with abscessed wisdom teeth for one simple reason: it actually kills bacteria that lead to infection. This also helps improve overall oral health by eliminating destructive bacteria that cause bad breath and other oral health problems.

Applying stannous fluoride to your teeth is relatively easy, but it is something that must be approached with some caution. Remember, any chemical substance you add to your mouth has effects that may be unexpected.

Precaution When Using Stannous Fluoride

The biggest precaution you need to take when using stannous fluoride to treat wisdom tooth abscesses is to avoid swallowing it. Stannous fluoride is not designed to be ingested, and doing so can cause problems such as weaker bone structure. That said, it is safe to rinse out your mouth with it occasionally.

A less severe problem with stannous fluoride is that continual use may cause it to stain your teeth. That's why it's best to use it only after wisdom-teeth surgery or to use it no more than once every two or three days afterward.

How to Use It

Typically, you can find stannous fluoride in a variety of oral rinses. Carefully read the label whenever you buy a bottle to make sure you get some that contains it. You may also be able to find toothpastes with stannous fluoride in a supermarket.

Start your treatment process by applying the toothpaste to a new toothbrush with a strong bristle. Add a little water to dilute it and brush the area where the wisdom tooth was removed. Make sure to focus heavily on hard-to-reach areas. Spend at least two or three minutes here before rinsing your mouth out with the mouthwash. After you're finished, rinse your mouth out with fresh water.

As you can see, stannous fluoride is a simple tool for managing potential wisdom-teeth abscesses. When used carefully, it will eliminate the bacteria that contribute to abscesses and improve your overall oral health. Make sure to talk to your wisdom-teeth oral surgeon about using stannous fluoride so you can find the best application method for your needs.