Dental implants provide you with a permanent option to replace missing teeth. Implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. You will also care for them in the same manner, so you don't have to worry about any added care. This article will offer you information on what you can expect when you get a dental implant.

What the process consists of

When you get dental implants, they will be placed under your gum and fused to your jawbone. Anytime you have a surgical procedure done that has to do with bone, you can expect to experience a fair amount of pain.

The implant will be placed in a manner that allows your gum to grow back over it while it continues to bond with the bone. This process can take a few months. Since the implant will be under your gum at this point, no one will know you have it in and you won't feel it in there once you're healed.

Once the implant has fully attached to the bone, you will come in for the next step in the procedure. You will be given a local to numb the area and a small incision will be placed in your gum to expose the end of the implant. They will then place a cap on the implant that allows the gum to heal around the cap to make room for the replacement crown.

The final step in the process will be for you to come in to have the replacement crown put on the implant. This step generally happens a few weeks after the second step. The crown will be made to fit your bite naturally and to look like the rest of your teeth.

What to expect from a dental implant

After you have gone through the final stage of having your dental crown put in, you should expect to have replacement teeth that neither you nor anyone else can tell aren't real. The implants give you back your smile.

Possible problems to watch out for

You should expect pain and swelling after the first and second procedure, but you should begin feeling much better after a few days. If the pain suddenly comes back or it continues to get worse, then you should get back to the dentist to make sure there are no problems.

Now that you have a better understanding of the process for getting dental implants, you should feel more at ease about having them put in. For more information, a company like Belgrade Dental Associates can be a valuable resource.